Why Seth does what he does

Seth founded Four Arrows Financial Group as an opportunity to help every day people obtain financial stability with compassion and integrity. He has a unique understanding of each of his client’s personal circumstances and individual objectives. Seth operates with care, as he guides clients to achieve their financial goals.

Seth Scott interaction with clients (Laughing)

It was at an early stage of Seth’s adult life that he first understood the harsh reality and importance of personal financial planning. Seth witnessed his mother’s experiences upon the passing of his father, and it was because of these encounters that Seth first realized the need for empathy and education within the world of finance.

Seth recognizes that most people are faced with a lack of preparation, education, and information regarding their own financial well-being. Developing a quality financial plan requires listening to each client’s questions and concerns, while working to shift any preconceived notions or past experiences. Seth believes his ability to walk clients through the emotion and education of investing and planning is what distinguishes him from other financial advisors.

As a father of four sons, Seth has observed that they each learn in a different way. With this in mind, Seth appreciates that not everyone comes from the same background, and that each client requires a personalized approach. His patience and willingness to walk clients through tough concepts and important financial components gives clients the confidence that they need to take the next steps towards their goals. These steps are then practically walked out with the help of Seth, his staff, and thorough communication.

Client interaction with Seth Scott

Seth’s passion for each client is evident in the way he approaches his meetings. Having grown up in a military home, Seth knows the value of structure and the importance of having a solution mindset. During Seth’s meetings, he focuses on listening and gaining an understanding of his clients and their needs. He reaches beyond an analysis of areas to work on, advancing into helping his clients fully understand why these next steps are necessary to obtain financial stability.

Seth takes an alternative approach to the financial industry. Seth knows that obtaining financial stability for his clients runs much deeper than financial transactions. As life changes, it is critical to be continuously evaluating each client plan. Seth is honest and empathetic as he guides clients through the realities of life’s many ups and downs. Seth knows that this includes telling clients things that are not always easy to hear; however, this is often a vital step towards progress. Seth and his staff work hand in hand with their clients through constant communication. As the lives of his clients change, Seth works to continue to grow each client’s finances in line with their goals.

Seth’s level of care and understanding is apparent in every aspect of his practice. He operates with compassion, building confidence through education and communication with his clients and their loved ones.

Seth Scott interaction with client at meeting